Store Is Under Construction soon

About Us

We are a Dixie Belle Premier Retailer and we also are stocking Prima ReDesign products that go along perfect with the Chalk Mineral Paints. 

We have chosen these products because we use them in our own furniture restoration projects and believe they are the best on the market. 

You can also find amongst the paints and redesign items some fun home decor and gift items ready to display in your home.

Although, we are fairly new in this adventure with opening our doors in January of 2020 for online and storefront retail we have been in business for well over 10 years in the scrapbooking, cardmaking and papercrafting products. You can check it out at The Rubber Buggy

We have combined the both of them in our new Retail location at 200 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend OR.

Our promise to you is this:

  • We will provide superior customer service (we’re human!)
  • We only offer quality products (we hate surprises)
  • Orders will ship faster than you can say "abracadabra" (okay, maybe not that fast, but we'll try)
  • FREE shipping available at $50.00 to the U.S.! (yep, you heard that right)

Have questions? We'd love to hear from you! Just contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.